Concrete Slabs

Concrete house slabs are very common and cost effective building methods which are available today.

These slabs have diverse structural properties, they can be easily applied to both the domestic and industrial types of concrete construction. With superior strength and durability properties, concrete slabs are essential for the longevity of both internal slabs and external concrete areas. We will ensure adequate supervision from one of our specialised concrete team leaders and his skilled team of concreters. This will ensure the pour and concrete finish run smoothly and the results are amazing. For a quality concrete job with the highest possible standard, you must hire a team that know how to read plans, have the appropriate licences and insurances in place and are well established with the necessary tools and equipment to ensure your project is delivered to you beautifully.

Decorative Concrete Slabs

Decorative concrete is very popular for its unique and colourful features. The colours and types of decorative options are endless. This range of decorative concrete options can be showcased with an equally wide range of diverse and exciting architectural designs. Therefore, our decorative range of concrete has become a highly sought after style of concrete construction. If you’re interested in decorative concrete and are thinking it would be a great addition to your property, you must hire the right team for the job. Our extensive knowledge makes us the right concreting team for your project, using our extensive resources available to us we will create a beautiful area for you that is both practical and durable.

Custom Patios

We handle a large amount of concrete custom patio projects for example garden patios. As for any outdoor space, the building material that is used should be designed to cope with sometimes extreme weather conditions. This makes concrete the best choice thanks to its wet weather durability properties. The concrete and associated materials will last for many years, against all the elements and it is also a beautiful option for your new outdoor area. It is resilient enough to resist anything serious and therefore strong impacts or large family gatherings will not alter its long term appearance, although you may have to hose it down after the guests have gone home. We think that concrete is the best choice for your next outdoor area and we have designed many spaces that work very well in the back, front or side yard. When we meet with you, we will be sure to take into consideration the slope and size of your yard and the objective of your new entertainment area.

Indoor Concrete Slabs

With our latest modern day architectural designs, concrete is now taken very seriously as an exciting new indoor decorative choice. Our large variety of decorative concrete finishes, awesome looking designs and cost effective options are becoming very popular indeed. When you use our concreting expertise for your new concrete house slab we will use the proper finishing techniques that will ensure your house or shed slab is built to our strict standards. The stylish and durable spaces that we create will be strong as they are susceptible to high wear from vehicle traffic and foot traffic in some areas of the slab. If you’re on the look out for a modern design using concrete, without costing the earth, then make sure you enquire with us today about an awesome slab using concrete.


Most often found in high rise developments and in some cases architecturally designed homes, concrete is used in ceilings. When supported adequately, concrete is the best option for long life of the ceiling against the outdoor elements. It’s able to support literally tonnes of weight and so in medium to high rise buildings, this is a viable and cost efficient system of construction. Concrete floors are great for maximising ceiling heights and are installed by professionals. They also have high thermal properties, this will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer months. If you’re looking for a concrete specialist for your next large construction job.

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