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Concrete is a very important part of just about any type of structure, pretty well anywhere in the world these days. Its strong properties make it the best choice of material for both residential and commercial buildings.

It is high strength and resistant to almost all exterior elements, while it also adds the benefit of a clean cut look to whatever building it is designed. For a material that is second to none, providing effective solutions to a number of project requirements, concrete will be your best choice first time, every time.

About Us

Pro Concrete Taree is a highly experienced team of concreters who specialise and work solely on helping you with great concrete solutions. We apply all of our specialised skills while operating within our niche, ensuring the highest standard of concrete services within the domestic and industrial arenas. We promise to provide our valued clients with the highest standard of quality commercial and residential concreting work, performing every task that we take on with skill and professionalism. Our industry knowledge spread across our team and the friendly matter in which we conduct our business, we really are the best choice for all your concrete needs.


The idea of great concreting is talked about by many builders and labourers these days and there are a many everyday industry workers who will claim to be good at it. However if you are looking for a very high standard of concreters who can finish a surface with a proven track record, then it is very important to source a reputable specialist concrete company. Pro Concrete Taree provides a service that will listen to your wants and needs, tailoring our work schedule to work with you. We can help with any concrete finish that you wish, we can also design and provide any type of concrete style and structure, with precise dimensions to ensure you are happy with the finished product, leaving you with a precise, functional and beautiful product every single time.

What Our Clients Say

“I was looking to get my driveway poured but was unsure how to start. I called Pro Concrete Taree to see how they could help. They designed a driveway based on my front yard and the measurements of the area. The result is simply beautiful, the high quality finish and the look from the street is fantastic, great job Pro concrete Taree.”

Troy C.

“I was looking for a concreter to help with my new shed slab for my workshop. Pro Concrete Taree used their concrete knowledge to finish the shed slab to the particular design requirements. Cleaning is a breeze, the shed is fully functional and I am very grateful for their professional approach. I know I’m going to have a long lasting shed slab for years to come.”

Mick D.

“My garden was in bad shape, I had a feeling my backyard needed a new retaining wall as the old one didn’t look very stable. Also a new patio area was what I needed to breathe some life back into my yard again. Pro Concrete Taree are great. They turned my old backyard into an area that is worth every dollar and the results look fantastic. I’m so excited to have my family over for Christmas now. Thanks to the team at Pro Concrete Taree!”

Aimee S.

Pro Concrete Taree

Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs are the most widely used of all the concrete products available. They are very effective for some projects such as concrete paths, driveways and outdoor patios. They provide an excellent choice for highly durable slab options as a clean-cut and continuous shape. They are also able to be used together to create one greater space. In addition, they are extremely versatile which is why they can be used in many different applications and last long periods of time in harsh weather conditions and in spaces which would typically take on sustained wear.

Concrete Driveway

When your driveway is prepared and poured with concrete you will have a beautiful space which is durable and can withstand the harsh elements. Your new driveway will be subjected to daily driving of cars back and forth over the top of it, and so it must to be very strong and designed correctly. Concrete is the best option for choice of material for driveways. When you choose one of our concrete driveways we guarantee that it will be durable, it will be completed neatly and it will last a lifetime.

Concrete Finishes

Concrete is a product that almost anyone can use but for it to look really effective, the finish must be left to a skilled tradesman. Our concreting professionals have a ton of experience and the equipment to finish off just about any concrete area so that you achieve the desired result and that it looks fantastic. The high quality concreting that will be provided by Pro Concrete Taree is amazing, leaving a beautiful area which is elegant and will stand the test of time.

Concrete Shed Slabs

Our speciality is shed slabs. We offer from 10 square meter garden sheds up to 450 square meter industrial concrete shed slabs. We can help you with anything related to the slab from site preparation to digging the footings and the finish of your brand new shed slab. If you have no more room in the old garden shed at home and need a bigger shed. Or business is booming and you need a new industrial shed to accomodate the huge expansion. We can help you with our wealth of knowledge in excavation, carpentry and concreting to make sure you get to your goals quickly.

Concrete Patios

Pro Concrete Taree has the experience and resources to deliver and finish off your beautiful concrete patio which will transform your ideal outdoor space into a beautiful, more versatile area for you and your kids to enjoy. We’ll meet you and look at all the options available to you which will be based on your existing yard slope, size and the quote that you can afford. Once approved by you we will get started on your new patio slab. We are willing to help with other trades that you may need or have engaged to make your yard become an amazing reality.

Retaining Walls

Concrete, once dry, is a very robust and high strength product. It makes good sense to use it as the foundation to any load bearing structure. It is therefore the best choice for retaining walls. Concrete block retaining is ideal for walls that are 2.0 meters in height or more. When the wall is lower that 2.0 meters high we use treated timber to build the retaining wall, which is a cost saving solution. Pro Concrete Taree will be happy to provide you with your next retaining wall in either treated timber or concrete filled block work materials.

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